SMAC Food Truck

SMAC stands for South Carolina Mac And Cheese.  

Our food truck takes traditional comfort foods and adds a tasty touch of the South.

Try a CLASSIC SMAC with cavatappi pasta, gourmet cheeses and toasted panko bread crumbs.  SMAC the Pig with our bacon loaded mac & cheese. Maybe add some BBQ Pork and Coleslaw.  Or try our SMAC & Blue loaded with sundried tomatoes, crumbled bleu cheese and a unique basil balsamic dressing.

Please feel free to contact us for your next birthday party, luncheon, or your special event.  We cater one of the most popular food's in America: Macaroni & Cheese!

Our menu changes for each event, so each time you see us you can try something new!  Enjoy!

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It's Lobster Time!  Try our new Lobster SMAC.

We Take Our Classic Recipe And Top It Off With A Heaping Mound Of Lobster  And Add A   Drizzle Of Sherry With Some Lemon Scented Panko Bread Crumbs.  Summer Goodness at its Best!

What are our customers saying?

"One of the best Mac n' Cheese item I've had in years." Claude, Lake Mary, Florida

"Fantastic flavor'! Great people! Changed my view of food trucks for sure ." Mary, Orlando Florida

Try some for yourself and discover how good it is!

Comfort food with a southern Flair"
"Florida's First and Only Gourmet Mac & Cheese Food Truck!"